Thursday, 2 June 2011


The project was to pick a well know leading company and pick up out any faults in it. Then to create three pieces in response to it. I chose McDonalds and chose to design logos using the well know 'M' to mock them.

My first response was using the 'M' as a bum and then used an ice cream sunday as poo, seeming as if it was coming out of the bum.
The second response I turned the 'M' into a 'E' informing that the amount of e-numbers are in the food.

Finally my response was turning the 'M' into a '3', implying that there are '3 reasons not to eat at McDonalds'. 

Hearing Type

The project is to respond to three pieces of music and graphically respond to each music piece. 

The first was a non lyric piece and was to be just made up from shapes and colours.
The second was a song with limited lyrics and very repetitive. With this piece I used a few symbols and shapes. Still no use of type was allowed.
The third was a song with lyrics and this time allowed to involve them making a typographical response.


This is a drawing of comic super hero Iron-Man.